18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hy my medicines stock are about to get over in few days and due to lockdown i am not able to find these medicines. Can anyone tell me any online website that are delivering medicines in lockdown as well

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Answer: Dear all the chemist shops are open you can get the medicines easily ... Ask your husband to go and get if any police man stops him he can simply tell the reason and show prescription . There are site but due to lock down there will be lot of delay in delivery. So better to take directly. Tc
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Question: Is GTT test is compulsory As I am not able to go due to lockdown I am 23 week pregnant No complications in pregnancy
Answer: Dear don't worry if u r not able to go 4 GTT test when lock down ll be open then go 4 GTT rest asits nedasary while pregnsncy.A glucose tolerance test(GTT) is done if a glucose screening test result is higher than normal. It is used to diagnose gestational diabetes .so its nesasary
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant due to virus I am not able to go for treatment. Is my baby safe. Can anyone suggest what precautions to be taken?
Answer: Don't worry dear...ur baby will be fine..avoid doing heavy works, and avoid wearing high heels, stop taking any alcohol or tobacco if u are taking..limit ur market work and avoid taking stress during pregnancy time. Be happy and enjoy ur pregnancy
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Question: As India in lockdown due to covid 19, I am worried about her vaccination, what to do, or can we delay it
Answer: Dear hospitals n vaccines are not an issue you can easily go n get vaccinated your child......do take your medication slip
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