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Question: Hy mam i am 14 week pregnant and facing the problem of excess saliva in mouth

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Answer: Hello dear congratulations for your pregnancy. Many women experience too much salivation in pregnancy. It is due vomiting and nausea feeling. To reduce excess salivation try these tips--- Brush your teeth and use mouth wash 2 to 3 times in a day. Chew tulsi leaves and a clove. Drink lots of water daily. Peppermint also a good remedy to reduce salivation. A peace of ginger will also be helpful .
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Question: Hi, Iam facing excess of saliva what was the reason for it?
Answer: Ptyalism can happen on its own but it is usually associated with nausea and vomiting (morning sickness) during early pregnancy.. Ptyalism will usually subside when nausea improves usually by 12 to 14 weeks of the pregnancy.
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Question: Hello I am 13th week pregnant, and continuously I am having excess saliva in mouth is it ok in pregnancy or is there any problem with me...please help
Answer: No it's absolutely normal to have this. It might be there till three months. Spit out saliva. It's ok
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Question: Hy. I am 14 weeks pregnant. How to deal with constipation. I am facing much problem.
Answer: Hello dear, it's a common problem due hormonal changes. Drink warm water daily instead of normal cold water. Don't take hard food. Eat easily digestible foods that too less spicy. Eat leafy vegetable curry daily. Eat more fresh fruits and fruits with more water and fibre like oranges, water melon, musk melon, pomogranate, apples etc. Have ragi java or barley java. All these things will definitely help you. Tv
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