6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hy in sonograghy my doc cant see pregnancy m worried bt in blood reports it is positive

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Answer: Dear mine was also not visible in transabdominal ultrasound but blood and urine were positive. Ultimately being afraid that it isn't an ectopic pregnancy cz i had pain in lower abdomen, we went for transvaginal ultrasound in which a very small gestational sac was visible suggestive of 4 weeks but act last menustral period i was at 6 weeks. For confirmation of fetal heartbeat an irregular flicker was detected in transabdominal but again on tvs (probe thru vagina) heartbeat was detectable dear the thing is a difference pf a week or more can be possible in LMP date and development and sometimes embryo is too small to be seen in transabdominal if u think u would worry plz go for trans vaginal usg on ur pwn behalf cz worrying is bad for baby and u stress is bad. Otherwise wait for 10 days at least and go for transabdominal to rule out god forbid it wont be belighted ovum or ectopic ur pregnancy will be normal in shaa Allah
Answer: Dear its too early to see the pregnancy in ultrasound. I had my first ultrasound after 3 months. Till then I had beta hcg test done to see the progress. Hope this helps.
Answer: Hello, Possibly ultrasound shows pregnancy at 6 weeks pregnancy but it's possible in case of early to early pregnancy.
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Question: Hello doctor, i am in the 4th month of pregnancy , bt my double marker test is positive, and sonography reports are normal, so is it in risk?
Answer: hi dear! yes dear it is a risk but you will have to do amniocentesis to confirm it dear. as these test will show the risk which means it is not necessary you may have it , you are just at a risk of getting it but if rest of the reports are fine then you dont have to worry . but do this amniocentesis to confirm . in this they will take small amount of amniotic fluid through a syringe from the abdomen the fluid that surrounds your baby and will send it for testing and this will give you a confirm results . take care.
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Question: My doc give me injection Bt i m worried
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to be be worried. Trust your doctor and don't take stress.
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Question: i m 49 day pragnent bt i cant see any symptoms of pregnency in my body is it normal .
Answer: hi.. u ll start seeing ly after 3 months.. depends on each person..
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