17 weeks pregnant mother

Hy i m 16 week pregnant and i have to much craving for coffe can i take or eat coffee bite toffee

Even I had coffee carving.... I just have only a sip.. Not much
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Question: I am 16 Week pregnant. Craving for pizza. Can i eat one or two slice ?
Answer: Yes but only 1 or 2. More than that is not good for you.
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Question: Im craving for pinapple .... Can i have a bite?
Answer: Avoid pineapple in first trimester..still a small piece is ok..y to take risk.my doctor said to eat everything I like but I don't eat papaya and pine apple in fruits..if you are scared then don't eat..if you are confident then a small piece is ok but don't keep it in mind
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Question: M 6 week pregnant I don't like eat home food can I eat outside food m craving for samosa and 6ole and all so what can I do
Answer: You can have food from outside once in a while but make sure the palace is clean and food is hygienic. Don't want to upset stomach
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