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Question: hw long will it tk to heal my stitches.. its already been 8 days of normal delivery

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Answer: Pain will go in a week or 10days but stitches will heal in 4-6weeks. Meanwhile take following care - 1) keep your stitches clean n dry 2) avoid straining when passing urine or stool 3) not to sit with your thighs spread apart. 4) avoid heavy work or lifting in the first few days, as it may strain your stitches. 5)To recover fully, it's best to remain active and mobile but also take plenty of rest. 
Answer: Episiotomy stitches are necessary to make normal delivery easier passage... It takes 15days to 1month... Depends on certain people.... Have more green leafy vegetables Keep the genital area clean Luke warm water sits bath is good Have a healthy lifestyle and good hygiene
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    SADHANA MUNJAL1022 days ago


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Question: How long it takes to heal Stitches after normal delivery
Answer: It depends how many stitches you had. But generally it takes about one month.
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Question: Its been 12 days i gave birth normally .stitches are painful and drops of urine is leaking.is it normal ? & how long it takes to heal
Answer: Hi. Stiches take 15-20 days to heal if proper care os done. Following may help. Keep the area clean and dry. Foment with hot water 2-4 times a day add dettol in wanter.pat dry the area and After that apply a anticeptic cream. Dont walk much. If its important then only walk. Sit straigt and strech your leg out and sit. Never fold your leg and sit. Or keep a lot of space between legs while sitting. Avoid oily and spicy now. After stiches are heald you can start dating them again. Hope yout get well soon.
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Question: How long will it take the stitches to heal and fall off... its been a month and its still paining
Answer: Hi, generally after 25 to 30 days is normal for stitches self removal. If you feel pain, immediately consult your doctor.
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