1 months old baby

Question: Hw long shd we swaddle our babies

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Answer: Baby tells u. My girl left her hands by 1 month and legs at 4 months
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Question: Till when should we swaddle our baby.
Answer: U can swaddle ur baby maybe till 4 or 5 mnths... Then on ur may start to roll onto his or her belly.. At that time swaddling becomes difficult and dangerous tooo
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Question: Is swaddling is good for babies? How many months we should swaddle the baby? And how long per day we should swaddle?
Answer: Hello! Swaddling is good as long as the baby doesn't learn to flip or start trying to do so. It is basically till the age of 2.5 months that you should swaddle and avoid after it. The reason once the babies try to flip, it becomes risky. Since your baby is already 5 months, swaddling should be avoided. Take care
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Question: How long should we swaddle baby
Answer: Hii u can swaddle ur baby till 3 or 4 months but make sure if baby started being more active and showing u the possibility that baby may try to turn around then u should stop as it can be dangerous if baby struggle to come out from it. So standard is in between 3 to 4 months. All the best.
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