7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hume fever nahi rehta napne pe, lekin body garam rehti hai.. Aisa kyu🤔

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Answer: hello.. dear body garam hoti hai pregnancy me..During pregnancy, the amount of blood in your body increases by as much as 50 percent. To better handle all that extra blood, your blood vessels dilate slightly, allowing the blood to come of the surface, which can make you feel hot. so dont worry.. ache se paani pina aur fresh air me walking kijiye
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    Ritika Asthana1247 days ago

    Thank you so much

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Question: Baby ko fever hai 2 din se , paracetamol de rahi hung lekin theek nahi ho raha thodi dher theek raheti hai phir bukhar wapas ata hai .isko kaise treat kare plzz suggest
Answer: Hi, take care of your baby.give cold compression means placing a cool, wet cloth on your childs head can draw the fever out and help your baby rest.give fluids to baby to prevent dehydration and aid the body in cooling itself, give plenty of fluids like water, clear soups and yogurt. give baby a lukewarm bath.better to start giving paracetamol syrup twice daily for 3 days.if it is more than 100 for 3 days better to visit pediatrician for antibiotics.take care
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Question: Mera second trimester chal raha hai....mujhe stomach mai pain rehta hai kya yeh normal hai gas ki wajha se toh aisa nahi ho raha
Answer: Hi, Mild lower abdominal pain is common in pregnancy due to growing uterus to stretch muscles and tendons of pelvic organs.so sometimes it feels like cramps also.need not to worry.drink warm water and take paracetamol tablet if you have severe pain.if you feel any burning sensation while passing urine please visit doctor once.take care
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Question: Mjy niche pet mai dard rehta hai uthne bethne se 3rd floor pe rehti hn seerhi 2 baar utarti hn ye drd BHT zyada tkleef deta hai kya krn or b.p bhi high rehta hai lkn ye ovary ya abdominal pain zyada pain full hai
Answer: Badti pregnancy mai aisa drad hone normal hotw hai . Yeh pet ke joint or ligament ke loose hone say hai. Is time mai khoob walk kiya kijiye active raha kijiye yeh Dard kam hoge . BP high ke lie namak achaar oily food nahi khaye .
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