13 months old baby

Question: Hum bache ko pillow kab de sakte aur kon sa wala??

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Answer: hi dear, normall you can use a pillow after 3 months but to avoid breathing hazards to use pillow its better ti use soft pillow after 6 months. Within 6 months your baby's head shaped properly. so you can start with pillow .
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Question: Hi, 13 month k baby ko kon sa shake de sakte hai.? Bornvita horlicks.? Lil champ kb se de sakte hai bache ko?
Answer: Hi dear abhi aap baby ko sirf milk de ya phir aap dry fruits powder mix kare. Abhi aap kuch bhi add na kare. Jab baby 2 years ka ho jaye tab aap pediasure ya aur koi supplement de sakte hi lakin uske lie bhi doctor se consult kare. Mere doctor nw bhi advise kiya tha.
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Question: Haldi wala milk hum 2yr baby ko raat ko roj de sakte hai???
Answer: Yes you can give turmeric milk to your baby...Curcumin found in turmeric has achieved the status of “cure-all” health supplement. children’s metabolism differs from that of adults. Time taken for food to transit from stomach to intestine for children is different from that in adults. Similarly, their metabolism and excretion rate also differs from adults. Hence the dosage for children is different from adults. It is prescribed as 1/3 of the adult dose..The Golden paste is an effective way to take turmeric as it contains healthy fats and black pepper to enhance absorption. As little as ¼ to ½ tsp, based on baby’s weight, can be given..
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Question: Pediasure kab bache Ko de sakte hain?
Answer: If ur baby is underweight it can be started now. If not u can start after 2 yrs
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