7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How 7 week scan will be conducted

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Answer: It will be an abdominal scan which can be done at diagnostics.
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Question: What tests is to be conducted in 8 week prengancy?
Answer: Hii Hii If your doctor wants you to have a scan earlier than 10 weeks of pregnancy, you might have a transvaginal scan. This is because in early pregnancy, your baby is too small and too low in your abdomen to be seen clearly by an abdominal scan. A transvaginal scan allows your doctor to see into your uterus via the vagina. You'll most likely be offered an early scan when you're between six weeks and 10 weeks pregnant if you:have a history of miscarriage have a history of ectopic pregnancy have had fertility treatment are in pain or have bleeding. Sometimes a TVS is done for non-medical reasons, for example to date your pregnancy if you are not sure about the first day of your last menstrual cycl
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Question: Finished my 7 th week scan when will be my next scan please tell me
Answer: Hope everything is fine in the 7 week scan and next scan will be your NT scan which you have to take during 13 weeks.
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Question: After anomaly scan and triple marker test. Which scan will be conducted?
Answer: After this one scan is conducted at 7 th month to check baby position and then at 9th month but 9th is not Compelsery
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