6 months old baby

Question: How we give oats to infants

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Answer: hello Once babies are between 7 months and 12 months old, they can eat thicker foods that have more texture. This could include oatmealthat you prepare at home either on the stove or microwave or by mixing hot water and instant oatmeal.
Answer: Hello dear yes you can give oats to your baby in moderation amount. It is very light and rich fiber.
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Question: Can we give oats prodigie daily for infants please reply
Answer: Not daily but 2 max 3 times a week is ok. Too much oats intake causes calcium loose instead of increasment.
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Question: when we give the vasambu to infants...
Answer: We started giving it from 12th day of birth. You jus mix a pinch of that charcoal in breast milk or formula and give. We give only once a week.
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Question: Can we give gripe water to infants ?
Answer: Hi dear Gripe water contains more or less amount of alcohol and Chemicals in it. Mostly all the doctors are strictly against giving Gripe water to small babies. Do it is giving an instant relief from folic and gas is small babies but can cause harm for long term. So it's better to avoid giving grip water to your baby.
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Question: Can we give oats to 8 mnths above babies?? How can we give it?
Answer: Hi. Oats is best source of fibre and helps a lot in digestion avoiding gas formation in babies. You can give in the form of porridge or oats dosa or oats upma or oats soup. Best is boil oats and vegetable separately grind vegetable and mix with oats add little salt, ghee and pepper powder baby will enjoy a lot. Good luck
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