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Question: How we get pregnancy fast .We trying two months for pregnancy but some days I found some symptoms .today bleeding or some clotting or cramps?

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Answer: Hey dear there r so many reason of non concieving period irregular , thyroid ,any blockage in tubes ,eggs not make ,if makes size s not perfect .or may be its not rapture on exact time ,or less sperm count in ur husband,overweight or less weight .so dear consult to ur Dr nd go 4 scan nd nesasary test so that u can know the reason of non concieving. Try it .
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Question: I have some early pregnency symptoms but today morning I got dark red bleeding why??
Answer: It could be your implantation bleeding. If the flow is not like usual bleeding in period then wait for a week and take beta HCG test to confirm. But if beta HCG come negative that means it's your normal period bleeding. Let's hope for the best.
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Question: I am trying for pregnancy from last 2 months.. so can I get vaccination??
Answer: Agar aap try kar rhe ho toh vaccine le sakte but vaccine lene k 2 month baad try karna fir. Consult to dr also. Tell your medical history and current situation. then get vaccinated. Pregnancy aur breastfeeding me safe nhi h bas.
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Question: Hi..I m trying for baby from last one and half years..last year I had molar pregnancy later doctor told not to try for pregnancy for 6 months..after the 6 months again we are trying for baby and did follicular study .. everything was fine..but did not positive results to get pregnant fast..?? Lot pressure from family how to avoid ??
Answer: Dear go for a hsg test check whether your fallopian tubes are functioning well are not. And than you can plan accordingly trough iui r ivf
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