12 months old baby

Question: How we can make the babe more active.

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Answer: Dear here are some other activities that you and your baby can do together. Read out loud to your baby. Play some music and gently dance with her in your arms. Sit and play with her on the floor. She will love interacting with you. Try teaching her peekaboo and patty-cake (they can be stimulating for your baby and will help her develop motor skills). Hug her frequently and provide her with loving physical contact. Hold your baby as often as you can. Put her in the stroller and take her for a walk. It’s a good way to expose your child to the world around her, and it’s great exercise for you. As your baby continues to grow and develop, her level of activity will increase. Make sure she has safe and soft toys to play with. They should be small enough so she can pick them up, but large enough so she can’t put them in her mouth.  
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Question: What are the things we can do to make baby active and smiling ?
Answer: When you will be active, smiling your baby feel the same and you have to follow this thought the pregnancy. Read good book , do whatever you like most important is to be happy with no stress
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Question: How can improve the skin colour of the babe
Answer: Hi dear baby color is based on genes which u can't control . Baby color hardly matter so dear dont think much for the color and give a proper diet. I know people swear on so many packs or ubtan but trust me all these are temporary and will go to normal baby color.
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Question: More often scanning ll effect baby?? How many times we can make scanning?
Answer: Hi,monitor won't affect your baby.dr will advice you right number of times the scanning required to be done
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Question: Can we know gender by babe heartbeat??
Answer: No chance..... Only by scan in particular readings
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