7 months old baby

Question: How we can gve banna for the baby of sx mnth by mkng puree or by mashing it n which krla banana or nrml yllow colur

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Answer: Please remember that the recommended age to begin introducing solid foods is between 4-6 months old, with 6 months being the idea age. Bananas have been associated with Latex allergies and sensitivities so ask your pediatrician about introducing bananas to yourbaby if there is a history of Latex issues.  Peel and cut a ripe banana into small dices Mash with a fork. According to baby digestion You can feed with or without milk. There should be no need to use a machine as bananas, will have a very soft consistency and texture. Normal yellow banana will be good for your baby.
Answer: There are many varieties of Banana available. The type which my kids’ nutritionist recommended me to feed them is the Elaichi Banana (Yellow Dwarf Banana). You can give mash banana: Peel the banana to half and smash the top of banana with a steel fork. Push just one bite portion Feed the mashed portion which is a single bite size to baby while holding the half peeled banana Repeat the process and let baby enjoy eating banana in most natural way
Answer: Hii u can make banana shakes. But make sure to use formula milk.dont use cow milk. U can also make porridge and add mashed banana in it as I. The first year of baby u should avoid giving sugar or salt to baby. Puree is always easy for baby than mashing. As it will be easy for baby to gulp down. Give yellow banana.try to give fresh banana. That will be good for baby.
Answer: Hello! You can just give it by smashing it and start with the normal yellow one.
Answer: U can grind banana to make banana puree.n it is easy to digest
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Question: How to make apple puree?? Should we boil or can give directly by mashing??
Answer: Inspite of boiling do steam it and then make puree. Don't give it without cooking . I can also give banana rice daal ragi suji
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Question: Can i give banana to my 6 month baby?if so wat banana is preferable?abd how to give banana by steaming or just direct mashing is fine?
Answer: small banana can be mashed and given directly to baby. 1 small Banana is sufficient for a day. ripe plantain can be steam cooked and mashed and given to baby. take care to give in small quantity
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Question: How to make banana nd apple puree for my 7 mnth old baby
Answer: For banana puree you can simply mash the banana with help of fork. For apple puree, desert and peel an apple. Cut into pieces and put in pressure cooker. Add water, just enough to cook apple. Wait for e 4 whistles. Mash the boiled apple till it becomes lump free, your puree is ready.
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Question: Hi ma baby s 4 month old baby can I gve her banana puree or avacado puree with breast milk bcse breast milk s nt sufficient for her n she nt taking any formula so
Answer: Hi dear, Eatables for less than 6 months old baby is not recommended coz baby's digestive is very very slow he/she cannot digest solids or semi solids. Breast milk should be the only source of nutrition for him till 6 months. Giving food to such a small baby can lead to various stomach problems like loose motions, fever, stomach pain or baby can become cranky. Even Dr doesn't recommend to give Eatables to such a small baby. Wait for few more weeks mommy! As you mentioned baby is not taking formula milk so you should try to encourage more about bm.
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