8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How v can find the gender of the baby

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Answer: Symptoms of girl child: glowing face and tendency to lie down one sided at left side
Answer: You are gender baised..hope you are aware that it's illegal..
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    soundarya selvendran281 days ago

    Am not. I just wished to know . So that i can start my imaginations about the kid!

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    soundarya selvendran281 days ago

    Do not be harsh . You can always try to understand or leave it.

Answer: it's illegal in India to do this dear. you cannot do that.
Answer: I know illegal. Bt just I want to know in my home
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Question: How can we find the gender of the baby
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your curiosity.Nothing can detect babies gender accurately.Only scan can say correctly which is illegal in India. Either a boy or girl you will have same amount of joy as a mother. If you don't know now the curiosity will be very sweet memory for a life time. Take care
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Question: How to find the gender of baby
Answer: hi there is no such way by which you can find the gender of the baby however do not worry about the same you should wait for the beautiful surprise and try and eat healthy food which will help in the proper growth and development of the baby which is more important
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Question: How can I find the baby gender
Answer: Hi dear there is no such way to know baBy gender. It is just a myth that u can detect the baBy gender with different ways. U can only get to know after delivery. So do njoy pregnancy.
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