6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to treat vaginal itching? This gets worse in nights, even if i maintain good hygiene. What should i do?

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Answer: Hi vaginal itching could be an indication of yeast infection in vagina which is common during pregnancy but it is too early for you usually during pregnancy the pH balance of vagina gets disturbed by various hormonal activities and This can happen please report this to your doctor immediately and apply antifungal cream to treat this infection in your vagina also ensure to have loads of water liquids like buttermilk Lassi fruit juices et cetera and also wear cotton light panties so that it remains airy give the area dry and clean always.. Hope this helps!
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    Anonymous Mom59 days ago

    Thank you for your suggestion 🙏

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Question: I have itching around my vaginas. What shall i do. Can i use vwash to maintain goof hygiene
Answer: Always keep clean nd consult ur doctor advice whether it may be fungal infection
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Question: What type of dental hygiene should i maintain?
Answer: Dear bruahing twice a day is sufficient. An addition to it which I used to do was mouth wash before I used to sleep. This should help you avoid any dental problem during pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: How to treat if their itching around the vaginal area in private area...please help...this is my 36.6 weeks...and its causing lot of itching down...
Answer: Visit doctor for check up to avoid possibility of infection. She will suggest something for itching. Don t apply any home remedy!
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Question: I hv vaginal itching...how can i treat it?
Answer: Hello dear... vaginal itching is normal,it happen due to acid indigestion in stomach, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Sleep with elevated pillow Have 5-6 small meal Drink more water, buttermilk Avoid oil, spicy, gas related foods
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