10 months old baby

Question: How to treat throat infection in 10 nonth old babies??

2 Answers
Answer: Aww I know it would be quite challenging for you to handle baby in such situation..please keep.giving baby warm fluids..it is the only way to help your baby .give soups also.avoid any oily or spicy things now.no cold food items too..check with doctor if baby has fever along with it..I used to give only warm.flyids to.my baby during such situations.
Answer: Throat infection in babies should be treated by giving appropriate medication dear...so please consult with your pediatrician and get it treated as per your doctor's advise dear...
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Answer: Hi, babies less than 6 months age if suffering from stomach infection then immediately you have to consult doctor. Maintain hygiene of your house and specially the room where you are keeping your baby. If your baby is breastfeeding then you also maintain proper hygiene. If you baby's formula feeding then make sure the water you are using to prepare milk is properly boiled water. Give your baby frequent feed to keep well hydrated. Hope it helps.
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Answer: Dear in eye infection u should consult to ur ent specialist he 'll suggest u eyes drops 4 baby . Clean ur babies eyes wit clean water nd then clean wit soft towel too . Try it
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Answer: Hi, you should give more fluids to the baby which will help to flush out infection from the body
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