3 years old baby

Question: how to teach her doing potty on wc

1 Answers
Answer: Hi dear, your concern is appropriate as per his age. This is the right time to potty train your cutie pie so before starting his pre school he will be fully potty trained. Mommy, this task is not going to be an easy and you have to be very very patient. First of all start telling your child that he is big now, he should pee and poo in the toilet because wetting clothes and making them dirty is bad thing. Encourage your child to use washroom, make your toilet kids friendly buy a kids potty seat with his choice, paste some colourful posters of his favorite cartoon in the bathroom. Spent time with your baby in the wash room make him sit on potty seat and let him try to poo ask him to apply pressure. Till the time he is trying keep him engage recite a poem, story or talk about something of his intrest. For every good effort and dry pant reward him may be just a pat on back, kiss or warm hug. On failure do not scold but encourage to use the washroom for next time. Hope these tips will help you, best of luck 😊