7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to take almond n anjura dry fruits during 7th week of pregnancy.... I mean quantity n time???

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Answer: Hi dear, first soak almond overnight and have it in morning. It's good to have .u can have 6-7 PC's. U can have anjeer will help provide plenty of important nutrients for pregnancy, including vitamic C, folic acid and calcium. Not only is this juice high in vitamin C and folic acid, it's also a good source of potassium, which has been shown to help lower high blood pressure, a particular danger during pregnancy. Have 3-4 pcs in evening.
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Answer: Soaked dry fruits are very healthy. Have it daily in little quantity like 15-20 almond daily.
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Question: am 19th week of pregnancy,, I can eat almond, walnut and dry black grapes, I mean this dry fruits, and howuch quantity per day, we should take plss sajest me,,,,
Answer: Hello! You can have walnuts and almonds, but please avoid dried black grapes. You can also have pistachios, dried apricots, dried figs too. You can have 8-10 almonds, figs, pistachios. Walnuts and apricots can be taken in 4-5 in numbers. These all should be included in daily diet for their temendou nutritional value.
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Question: What dry fruits are best during pregnency...and how much quantity need to take?
Answer: hi you can eat all the dry fruits and nuts is very important during pregnancy however it is advisable to eat nuts only in moderation you can eat five pieces of each nuts.
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Question: How to take dry fruits during first 3 months.. I mean need to soak or can take directly..
Answer: Wear mittens to their hands.. they will stop by themselves if they don't like the taste..
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