6 years old baby

Question: how to stop nail biting...

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Answer: Like other nervous habits, nail-biting tends to be unconscious. Your child may bite his nails for any number of reasons – curiosity, boredom, stress relief, habit, or imitation.  You can talk to ur child abt wat is making dem anxious... If your child doesn't even know he's doing it, nagging and punishing him are pretty useless strategies. Even adults have a terrible time breaking habits like this. In general, as long as your child's not hurting himself and doesn't seem overly stressed out, your best bet is to keep his fingernails neatly trimmed, remind him to wash his hands often, and try to keep your attention focused elsewhere. If you pressure him to stop, you'll just add to his stress and risk intensifying the behavior. Make sure he has plenty of opportunity to run and play – outside, if possible – to burn off tension and nervous energy. Some kids find arts and crafts projects a good way to keep their hands busy and relax at the same time. For other kids, learning to play a musical instrument can be helpful.
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Question: My elder child biting her nail .cant stop her .help me to stop that habit to her
Answer: This worked for me, I showed my son a few videos and pictures of disgusting nails, wounded nails and told him if u bite this will happen to you....he stopped biting! Try this ... It's silly but it actually worked for me....he never bites his nails after that...
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Question: My baby doing nail biting..how I do
Answer: Hi dear, Nail biting is a bad habit in toddlers.it is quite difficult to get rid of the habit,but you need to have lot of patience and determination.you need to tap her hand everytime she starts biting nail.apply neem oil most of the time,so that the taste helps her to stop it next time.
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Answer: Hello dear. Make ur bqby wear cotton mittens in the hands as that does not let the nails accessable to ur baby. Keep removing the hand again and again as gradually baby understand that it is not good. Hope it helps.
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