22 months old baby

Question: How to stop feeding mother's milk?

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Answer: Hi dear the easiest way for both mother and baby, without the severe hormonal shifts, and pain is to do it gradually. For this, I stopped one feeding in a day for about three days. When it came to that time, I offered water, sippy cup of milk, or solid food. There was often tantrums that accompanied this at first, which gave me a chance to employ talking to my child. After about three days, I would cut another feeding and continue this on until I was done.
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Question: How to stop breast feeding to my baby? My baby always wants feeding when she got sleeping and even midnight also she wokeup and starts crying for milk.....how to stop that habit?
Answer: I think at this age baby wakes up for feeding in night so don't worry.. what you do is keep him full before sleeping...keep giving food in day time when baby is awake... So he will wake up less for feed... My baby is 17 month old even now also he is waking up for feeding.
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Question: How to stop breastfeeding?
Answer: Replace each feed with some other food slowly
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Question: How much time mother's milk can be stored?
Answer: Upto 3 hours dear.. Happy motherhood
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