2 months old baby

Question: How to stop crying after vaccination of ma 1 n half year old baby

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Answer: Hello dear, baby cries due to vaccine pain. you can give her Calpol syrup 2.5ml for reduce pain and fever every 4-6 hrs and monitored her temperature every 2-3 hours as her temp. kept fluctuating between 99-102 degree Celsius . If the temp. exceeds 102 degrees, you should rush to the hospital for consultation..
Answer: Hello dear To reduce baby pain u can try following ways: 1. Feed ur baby to get relief from pain 2. Distract ur baby from pain 3. Hold ur baby close to urself 4. Rub ur baby skin after vaccination 5. Apply any numbing medicine if prescribed by ur doctor
Answer: Hi,apply some ice oad this will give relief in pain and swelling 3-4 times a day. If it doesn't help you should consult your Dr for medication.
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Answer: Hello... Dear usually babies are hard weird to breastfeeding, we can't easily let them wean,so slow and gradually we can start the weaning process,below are the tips to be followed for weaning... You can start skipping the feed session slowly,for example if you feed for four times,then gradually reduce to three ,two session,and completely stop feeding If you are staying with inlaws,make your kid sleep with grand parents for couple of days,or send them to close relatives home for two days,so that they forget feeding You can apply Neem oil on nipple,so that biterness in the Neem, will make them not to suck again If your pumping your milk,stop pumping because it may increase milk secretion. Cover your breast with cabbage leaves,it will stop producing milk production You can keep jasmine flower in breast will  dryup your milk production Follow these steps,hope it might be helpful for you..
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