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Question: How to stop bf habit for 10month old baby at night

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Answer: Aap itna jaldhi night me bm ka habbit nahi chuda sakte baby chota Hai apka aap fm dekar b sleeping karvaoge phir b baby ko bhukh lagti hi Hai
Answer: Aur aap batao
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Question: My baby s 18 months old .....he doesnt sleep at nite bcoz of bf habit.......i want to stop bf ....can u suggest how to stop bf????
Answer: You can give cow's milk instead of bf. At first sometimes the baby will hesitate to drink but you can give him cow's milk in the morning also so that the baby will get used to it
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Question: how to stop bf for one year old and the habit of latching at night.?? Please help
Answer: No doubt breastfeeding has many benefits for baby at least for six months. But in some cases you can not breast feed for long time. It take time to stop bm. You can not stop it immediately. Some tips to control bm. # skip one feed daily. Feed your baby solid food when he or she feel hunger. # replace the bm with fm or cow milk ( cow milk after 1 year). # mostly babies feed before sleep. So try to make baby sleep with walk. # some women put cabbage leave direct over breast. You can try this. # make the baby busy with other activities. Because when baby busy in game and activity they forget hunger.
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Question: How to stop feeding at night ? My baby has habit of breastfeeding during night and I am unable to stop it?
Answer: Dear ur baby is only 6 months old and you should continue breastfeeding at least for one year if you have sufficient milk flow. if you really start weaning then avoid wearing those cloths which ur baby familiar while you're giving feed. It's better if your husband aur anyone else in the family can take the charge to make baby sleep for few days with formula milk bottle feed. That can also help.
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