13 months old baby

Question: How to start cows milk after one year?

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Question: How much quantity of cows milk should a one year old consume in a day?
Answer: Hi Dear, you can give 1-1 1/2 cup milk every day to your 1 year baby. You can give as curd cheese as well. :)
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Question: After one year doctor is asking me to continue formula milk ..is formula healthy than cows milk??
Answer: Hii dear if ur doctor advise u to give formula milk den discuss with doctor to switch to toddler toddler formula as it carry vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, making it a good choice for grown toddler with better working and developed kidney and digestive system. But solid play an important role no matter what milk u give to baby. Don't offer more that 36 oz of milk to baby otherwise it will interfere the qty of solid baby will eat.
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Question: How much cows milk shall i start giving to baby?
Answer: Hi.. Dear until one year give only breast feed or formula milk.. When you introduce cow milk, increase the quantity gradually.. First mix it with puddings or porridges that you make from your child.. Keep a check on the bowel movements.. Directly, you can start with 30 ml and increase gradually..
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