8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how to sleep in this first trimester?

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Answer: try to sleep on ur left always due to good circulation of blood.avoid sleeping on Ur back
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Question: How to sleep in First trimester
Answer: Hi dear, Try making a habit of Sleeping in your left side from now on.so that when you reach second trimester you donot get uncomfortable.Sleeping on back side has its risks like increased weight would press the large spinal nerve,there by giving you breathlessness ,dizzyness and also increased water retention,as circulation of fluids gets interrupted.moreover,sleeping on left side is preferred,as it is beneficial to baby.circulation of blood and nutrition to baby is better and also it aids in water retention.although I understand, pregnancy is a difficult time to move around and sleeping due to increased weight and size,so sleeping on back accidentally for some time is fine.but make sure you are sleeping on sides mostly.use a pillow in between the legs,for comfort and support.
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