3 months old baby

Question: how to sleep baby at night he is 3.5 month old not sleeping whole night

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Answer: Hello dear... Newborns and infants usually don't sleep at night ,but this is a temporary phase, their waking time in night will gradually gets lower after certain periods, There are few procedures will help your newborn sleep at regular intervals Dream feed your baby Mother's milk has lot of nutrients and it's easily digestible, so feed your baby every two hours, during night time ,dream feed your baby, make sure she latches well Usage of diaper Make use of diaper at night time,for day time you can use cloth diaper,because prolonged use of diaper cause rashes. This will prevent from wetting of clothes and that disturbed her sleep Warm cloth massage Before bedtime you can wipe your baby's body with soft cloth dipped in warm water, this will promotes good sleep Make the room dark Keep the bedroom dark during bedtime,during nap you can use lamps,because light will spoil baby's sleep Use cloth cradle During night time,use cloth cradle it will remain baby to sleep in mother's womb ,it is an healthy practice too. Hope these tips helps for you Thank you
Answer: Hello, Very common in all babies not to sleep on night.First of all u need to have patience two months baby are so small to adjust in the nature they cannot understand day time night time. some things are depends on parents.Take 15 minutes to calm baby in the room before putting baby down to sleep.To settle baby to a drowsy state, read a book in the dim room.Rock her to drowsiness.Feed if it is feed time.
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Question: My baby is 20 days old. He is not sleeping whole night. How to make him sleep
Answer: Hi dear, every baby sleeping schedule is different, If baby stomach is not full, he wakes up, if gas issues, cold cough is also disturb sleeping. Start your baby bedtime routine — first full her stomach, baby body massage, the bath  and the cuddles. Also be sure your baby is getting enough sleep during the day to make up for lost sleep at night (it’s even harder for an overtired baby to settle down at night). Keep in mind, too, that sleep regression is temporary. Once your baby acclimates to her new developmental abilities, sleeping patterns should return to baseline.
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Question: My baby is days old ..he is not sleeping whole night.. how to make him sleep
Answer: Hi! The entire world is new to your baby as he is only a month old, it is natural for him to be fussy as he doesnt find himself secure anymore outside the womb. Please have patience and soothe the baby, feed him well to keep him full to have a good sleep. Swaddle him in your arms so that he feels cozy and secure. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby 3 and half month old baby he is sleep whole day not sleep night how to change it?
Answer: This happened to my baby till the 6th months. I tried to keep the baby awake in the evening time so that she can sleep at night. I hope this helps
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