22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to sleep at night if baby is left side only... I feel the baby’s movement at the left side.. So how can i sleep on left side?

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Answer: you feel like baby is left side only but dont worry any sides you can sleep but left side helps in passing oxygen and good for digestion.
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Question: Can i sleep on my right side. But my doctor advice me to sleep in left and i am not getting sleep on my left side. Do sleeping on right side make any problems to baby.
Answer: Dear in pregnancy it's important to take side position to sleep it can be left or right any position unless you are having any specific issue
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Question: Is it ok .. If baby sleep on side.... She ll sleep night like this only.. One one side only..
Answer: Yes dear it is absolutely normal no need to worry at all
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Question: My baby is 3 months 19 days he will always sleep at his left side nly there is any problem,if he sleeps on his left side
Answer: I would suggest to make baby sleep on its back.babies below one year should avoid sleeping on sides or on tummy .as try are at risk of getting suffocated in sleep.
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