16 months old baby

Question: How to remove phelgm in babies above 1yr old naturally?

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Answer: Hello, just take coconut oil on ur palms, spread evenly, take some caphur powder on ur palms gently heat it by placing ur palms near d candle, wen it's warm put it on ur child's chest, vest n nose.. It's result is fast bt temporary.
Answer: Slightly heat the beetle leaf(kalkatta pan) on pan then apply little coconut oil on leaf when it is warm and place it on your baby chest and back at night . Repeat as needed.(Do not cut the stem of leaf. It's natural
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Question: Lice in 1yr old baby? How to remove...
Answer: Consult your doctor and get baby shampoo for lice removal..
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Question: How to increase appetite in babies naturally.
Answer: Hello Appetite enhancers should be proscribed by the doctor. Here are some natural ways to enhance appetite. Carrot puree a very good appetite stimulant. Less spicy rasam or pepper water. Feed the baby in moderation best is to mix it with ghee and rice mashed. Ginger juice. A bit of cinnamon powder in his apple or other fruit puree. Hing removes gas n stimulates hunger. Papaya puree in moderation as it gives heat to the body and can cause loose motions. Ajwain seeds. Curd with mint leaves or oats. Dry fruits and nuts Pomegranate juice Water before meals at least half an hour before.
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Question: Which powder is good for babies above 1yr during summer
Answer: Give Mamaearth dusting powder for babies.. its really good and refreshing..
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