14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to remove hunger?

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Answer: eat 6 times a day.. shop for some healthy nd nutritional food to eat in nyt time. have more chapatis. more milk. eat alot of fruits .
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Question: how to cure hunger pangs??
Answer: If you feel more hunger then follow this chart Breakfast 1 glass of low-fat/skimmed milk 1 ½  cup of whole-wheat breakfast cereals dates or 4 pieces of dried apricots Snack#1 1 small bowl of colored fruit salad ½ cup of unsalted nuts, such as walnuts and almonds Lunch 1 bowl of salad 1 to 1 ½ cup of rice or pasta or burghol or baked potatoes A medium piece of grilled meat (chicken, salmon, or red meat) A cup of low-fat plain yoghurt or laban Snack #2 2 brown or whole-wheat pieces of toast4 tablespoons of low fat Labneh and sliced cucumbers Dinner A bowl of lentil soup with a squeeze of lemonCheese and turkey sandwich made with whole-wheat bread and filled with vegetables of choice Snack #3: 3 glasses of air-popped popcorn1 small cup of low fat hot chocolate prepared with low-fat or skimmed milk.
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Question: How to increase my babys hunger??
Answer: Hi dear, Right now baby need to be fed on demand.your baby need to be fed every 4-5 hours for 15 minutes. Donot overfeed,as that way baby can't digest properly and could feel bloated unnecessary.keep burping your baby after each feed. There is nothing much to increase hunger now,as babies can hardly move around,and have much physical activities.but do massage baby ,to improve blood circulation and metabolism.
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Question: How to increase baby's hunger
Answer: Hi Dear! Pls dont try to increase baby's hunger, whatever baby takes happily leave it at that, our Paed never really supported the idea of any hungrt stimulant or syrup or anything like that, so pls keep offering allow self feeding all will be fine. Hope this helps!
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