36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to reduce Weight every month m gaining more than 4kg is it safe

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Answer: Hi dear even if you try to reduce now you want to be that successful but don't worry you will definitely Lose your weight post delivery, and if all your reports are fine baby growth is fine then you do not really need to worry about it right now in your pregnancy please do give it some time at least till 4-6 months post pregnancy and then start with diet and activity or exercise to lose the weight healthily.. Hope this helps!
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    shashi yadav852 days ago

    Thank you..

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Question: Hi I'm 5months pregnant im over gaining per month I'm gaining 4kg coz gaining i reduced my food it acuurs to gastric how can i maintain my weight
Answer: Avoid excessive sugary or fatty foods as these contain empty calories and, although tasty, don't help keep your weight stable.Eat lots of fruit and vegetables with lean meat or fish.Remember that potatoes and bread are not fattening until you put butter on them.Brown or wholemeal bread is more filling than the white variety, as is brown rice compared to white.Alcoholic drinks are best avoided as they are not recommended for either mother-to-be or baby – fruit juice with sparkling mineral water is a good alternative.If you feel an attack of the nibbles coming on, opt for dried fruit and a glass of water, this will help fill you up and avoid constipation, which is a common side effect of pregnancy.
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Question: Is it possible to reduce weight during pregnancy or how can we eat without gaining weight?
Answer: You should not try losing weight during pregnancy is it can harm your baby's growth and development. Avoid consuming fried food, sweets, junk food during pregnancy and eat small portion of food after small time interval to avoid excess weight gain. If you have normal pregnancy without complication then walking for 1 hour will be helpful.Hope it helps.
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Question: Every month I'm gaining weight of 4kg total weight 68 kgs. Is there any issue with this weight increase
Answer: No it's common in pregnancy after delivery u loss weight
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