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Question: How to reduce tummy fat after pregnancy

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Answer: Hello%20dear...%0ATo%20reduce%20tummy%20fatafter%20delivery%2Cfollow%20these%20remedies%2Cit%20might%20be%20helpful%20for%20you...%0AExclusive%20breastfeeding%20till%20six%20months%0AInclude%20more%20veggies%20and%20fruits%20in%20your%20diet%2C%20avoid%20oil%2C%20fried%20foods%0AGo%20for%20healthy%20snack%20option%20like%20dry%20fruits%2C%20makhana..%20%0ALimit%20the%20intake%20of%20carbohydrate%2C%20include%20whole%20wheat%2C%20oats%2C%20millets%0ADrink%202%20to%203%20litre%20water%20daily%0AStart%20exercising%20but%20after%20six%20months%2C%20slowly%20start%20with%20walking%20then%20go%20for%20mild%20exercise%2C%20yoga%20will%20help%20a%20lot
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Question: How to reduce tummy fat after operation
Answer: Hi mommy, one of the biggest challenges is to reduce tummy after delivery and we all faced it Here are some ways in which you can reduce tummy naturally before starting any strenuous exercises: Eat healthy: Make sure your diet is rich in carbs and low in fat. More energy is needed for lactating mothers. High carb diet along with sufficient vitamins and minerals is very important. At the same time, avoid food with saturated fats and sweets. Stay away from ghee, butter, fried foods and also from sugary beverages and aerated drinks. Include more fruits, vegetables, and protein in your diet Drink plenty of water: Drinking water will not only help to maintain fluid balance but also helps to burn off any excess fat from your body post a cesarean delivery. So go ahead and up your water game Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding is one of the easiest ways to lose those extra kilos that you piled up during pregnancy. You will have to breastfeed your baby exclusively for the first six months after a C-section. This will help to reduce the belly fat
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Question: How to reduce tummy fat after delivery?
Answer: You can try these tips: Go green tea: Green tea is a good option for reducing your belly as it is known to aid fat burning process. Massage can be very useful in reducing your belly fat, A massage can target the particular cellulite laden area which needs more attention. Massaging in those areas can distribute and release the fat into the body for absorption. Warm Water: A warm glass of water in the morning can help you to flush out toxins, it also increase the temperature of our body which therefore increase the metabolic rate and increased metabolic rate burns more calories. cabbage in your diet: Adding the green vegetable cabbage in your diet can help you in decreasing your post pregnancy belly fat in many ways.
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Question: how to reduce tummy fat after delivery
Answer: Hi! The fat you have gained over a period of 9 months will definitely take some time to be shed completely. 1)First of all have healthy diet , have fruits and veggies. 2)Have plenty of water. 3)Walk for 10 mins and slowly increase the time. Good luck!
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