1 months old baby

Question: How to reduce pregnancy belly after normal delivery? Is it reduce fully or not?

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Answer: Hii! Though if its normal delivery you can able to tie your stomach from after 1week from the date of delivery. But before that you have to check once with your doctor. Daily you have to tie your stomach with thick cotton saree or any cloth. If you do regularly for 90days without skipping the day. We can get the result properly.
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    Akilandeshwari Chinnadurai176 days ago

    Can I skip one or two days? I already wear belt but it's not fully reduced. Already one month gone.

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Answer: Dear actually tummy will not go away straight away within a day, it takes time about 6-12 months to become normal.breast feeding is one of the easiest way to lose belly fat.so better to give exclusive breast feeding until age of 6 months.post pregnancy back, hands, legs massage will help to lose fluids from tissues and reducing your waist line.exercise and healthy food can help you reduce weight and tummy fat.more over, before you begin doing exercises, talk to your doctor once.usually recommends waiting period of 6 weeks after normal delivery, 8 weeks after c section.better to start abdominal massage after 6 weeks .walking is also helps in reducing calories intially after c section.take high protein and low carbohydrate diets.tummy binding with maternal belt also helps in reducing tummy fat.drink plenty of fluids at least 3-4 litres in a day.get adequate sleep.various exercises like abdominal, kegels, yoga , breathing exercises will helps in reducing belly fat.maternal panties will also help you to support your tummy.take care
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Answer: 30 min walk in morning 30 min in the evening take some vegetables avoid fast food or drinks
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