7 months old baby

Question: How to reduce post pregnancy tummy....

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Answer: Hi dear..Here m giving u some Tips for Reducing Belly Fat After delivery. 👉🏻Get a Massage. you can safely get a post-pregnancy massage. 👉🏻Move Your Body. ... 👉🏻Eat Healthily (Avoid almost all junk food) 👉🏻Bind Your Tummy(use tummy belt) 👉🏻Breastfeeding more help in loose fat. 👉🏻Drink Lots of Water and Fluids. Can drink Jeera water daily. 👉🏻Get Adequate Sleep. 👆🏻But still if you want to see your tummy FLAT , 💁you'll have to do some exercises that target your abdominal muscles.
Answer: Use abdominal belt
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Question: How to reduce post pregnancy tummy......
Answer: Hi dear,well its been 7 months now from your delivery,you can do some mild exercises now..like brisk walks for 30 minutes daily,free hand streches.avoid doing high intensity workouts,lifting weights too..keep your diet healthy,dnt do crash diets..if you are still breastfeeding then no dieting please..instead avoid junk food.. breastfeeding can burn lot of calories .once baby is 2 years,it is safe to join a gym..gradually loose weight..it took9 months for you to gain that much weight right..so do it slowly for your health too..
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Question: How to reduce weight 6 months post pregnancy?
Answer: Do not skip breakfast.Eat something healthy every 2hours. Increase your protein intake(rajma,paneer,soyabean,daal, milk,chicken,egg,fish etc) for muscle gain and loss of fats.Cut down on simple carbs like white rice,bread etc. Dont stay sedentary for many hours.Be active.If you cant leave your baby and go to the gym,take your baby along for strolling.Walk for 30 mins daily.Eat dinner by 3-4 hours before sleeping.Drink 3-4 litres of water.These tips should ideally help you.
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Question: How to reduce tummy after c section
Answer: Walk zyda kre. Tummy k liye belt baaandhe... YouTube or dekhe. Excercises
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