36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to reduce muscle cramps pain

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Answer: Hello dr ..apply balm..or use hot water bag..it will give you relief.
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Question: I am having to high and calf muscle cramps recently.pls tell me how to reduce it
Answer: It's common during pregnancy Relax and take rest Make sure you take a hot water bath You can use hot water bags too. Try applying pain balms
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Question: how to cure muscle cramps
Answer: Hello! For muscle cramps take plenty of water, and get a warm bathroom. It will soothe the musc. Also lying down on the left will ease the pain.
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Question: Tips to reduce muscle cramps during third trimester
Answer: During pregnancy, parathyroid gland function decreases, which cause the deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D which leads to muscle cramps Please include more calcium and Vitamin D in your diet , all white food items like milk curd Cheese are full of calcium and Vitamin D so please incorporate these food items in your diet along with the diet regular and brief exposure to the sun during morning hours will improve your condition
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Question: how to reduce thigh muscle cramp ?
Answer: Hello dear yes It's possible that your leg muscles get tired from carrying extra weight. Or cramps could be related to swelling from fluid buildup in your legs, a condition known as edema. (Legs often swell during pregnancy because the pressure of your expanding uterus slows the blood returning from your legs to your heart.) Try warm bath showers.. Warm water bag or gentle massage with oil.. You can also go for walking in the fresh air morning and evening for 30-45 minutes and proper rest is important..
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