3 months old baby

Question: how to reduce fever for 3 years old boy.. 101.4.i have syrup p250

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Question: My son is 3 yr old.. He have fever.. Can I give Ibugesic plus syrup.. How much should give
Answer: Hello dear please don't self medicate the baby. It will cause serious complications. Take baby to doctor and check if the chest is clear and the the doctor will.prescrive medicine based on babys weight and growth..it will be quick.healing.
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Question: I have belly fat for past 2 years, after delivery. How to reduce it mam?
Answer: Hi there, women who have had a C-section to consider weight loss programs only after 12 to 16 weeks after the birth of your little baby, after six to eight weeks you can gradually increase your activity level and start an exercise routine. Fill up on nutrient-dense foods, which contain a lot of vitamins and minerals without a lot of calories. Select whole-grain breads, rice and pastas over refined grains, and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. For protein, eat lean meats, eggs, fish and nuts, and choose low-fat dairy products. breast-feed your baby, you’ll lose weight because you’re burning extra calories to provide nourishment to your newborn
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Question: Tell me homeremides to reduce fever for 14 months old baby boy
Answer: Hi Dear! For fever its better to talk to the Paed and offer paracetamol drops, keep Cold watr sponging, Apply coconut oil on the head , hands feet Make him drink more water (add coconut water n glucose or ORS)..please no ice water sponging if you feel then with normal tap water helps! Fevers r natural way of body to fight infections but its important to see the Paed once. Hope this helps!
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