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Question: How to recover back pain in operation.. I had completed month in delivery still pain in laying position.pls help urgent

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Answer: Hi dear, Post delivery back aches are common concern.agar apka c section hua hai toh back aches hone ke chances zyada rehte hai.usse aaram ke liye ye kare: 1- donot lift any heavy objects 2- always kneel down to pick up anything from floor,donot bend with your knees straight,as it str as your back more 3- increase your calcium intake ,by taking lot of dairy or milk products 4- expose yourself to early morning sunlight for vitamin D for better calcium absorption 5- start walking.Daily 20 minutes walk can help your back strengthen 6- take calcium supplements as brestfeeding can make you calcium deficient easily 7- mild yoga postures can give you releif 8-warm oil massage will relax your back 9- drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself
Answer: I think herbal oil can help you which can be used in massage my doctor tell me for that
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Question: How to recover from back pain after C-section delivery
Answer: If you are suffering from severe back pain after your C-section, it is advisable to consult your doctor for a thorough check up to rule out anything which is potentially serious. There are times when the doctor is unable to find a concrete reason behind your pain and then you should begin with some serious home remedy treatments. Alternate cold and hot remedies To heal your back pain you can treat your body with hot and cold remedies alternatively. All you need to do is just lie on heating pad or ice pack for half an hour so on regular basis. Choosing the Right Mattress Use a mattress which has an even surface and is not too soft for your spine. There are specially designed mattresses such as memory foam, latex foam, air, innerspring available in the market. One must take advice either from the doctor or from chiropractor before investing on specially designed mattresses to have a better opinion. Exercises for back pain Pilates are the best exercises for back pain after cesarean. Pilates strengthen the abdominal muscles which are prone to great deal of strain during and post C-section. This is then accomplished by stretching the back muscles and joints. These exercises are very light and can ease your back pain and are perfect during the recovery course after C-section. You must wait until you get the clearance from your doctor before indulging into any strenuous abdominal exercises as it might lead to tearing of stitches or internal injuries if done pretty soon. Yoga and various gentle exercises are all good to ease your lower back pain along with pelvic tilts. Go for Hot Bath Taking a hot bath is a trusted relieving method from back pain. All you need to do is to add some Epsom salt and allow it to dissolve in the water, before going for the bath. It can give you great relief to a sore back. In case, you are unable to find any relief from the home remedies then you might wish to try a chiropractor or an acupuncturist to gain some relief from the back pain. You may also opt for Advil or Tylenol, however, if you are breastfeeding then you need to keep the dosage as prescribed by the doctor.
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Question: I had a c-section last month. I have still back pain and waist pain. How can I recover from these? Also please suggest any home remedies.
Answer: Hi! Pregnancy usually causes stretching and loosening of abdominal muscles which put pressure on the back and hence cause back pain. Strengthening your core can reduce back pain. This is what my doctor told and i was finding a lot of difference after doing some workout for my core pls note i am 2.4 yrs post partum. Please check with your gynecologist after atleast 6 months because you wont be allowed to do anything now, n if he/she gives a go ahead for workout you could try. Physiotherapy helped me a lot, I suffered and got relief because of physio only. Use a proper back support pillow , keep you legs a little raised. Try different positions for breastfeeding. Keep hot water bag on the lower back for relief . Drink lots of water , exposure to sunlight is important. Take your vitamins and calcium supplements regularly. Use a donut pillow incase there is pull down pain at the tail bone while feeding the baby.. Hope this helps & you find this helpful..
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Question: Delivery through operation will take how much time to recover?
Answer: Hi.. Dear you will feel better in ten days, however, you need to take care of your diet and eat healthy.. It takes complete three months for the stitches to heal completely from inside..
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