35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to recognize the laber pains how to recognize my laber pains?

Answer: Hi. U ll feel severe back pain or white fluid discharge from vagina. Any symptoms u feel different pls go to hospital
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Question: How to recognize delivery pains?
Answer: Hie Delivery pains are just period like cramp just a bit more intense You will know when it happens They come after specific interval and are consistent Like contraction in the uterus region However in case of any fluid discharge consult your gynaclogist right away
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Question: 37 week's hai how to recognize he delivery pains and want to know types to recognize labour pains
Answer: Hello dear, It's time to wait for ur little baby. Labour pain can start descend or maybe will happen just before delivery or during labor and its important to be active and moving around and not just lying on your back during labor. I am sending labour symptoms if you find any symptoms. Visit ur doctor as soon as possible.... Six common signs to look for when the baby might be on its way. The baby drops. ... Strong and regular contractions. ... Her water breaks. ... Lower back pain and cramping. ... Bloody vaginal discharge. ... Diarrhea or nausea. Good luck and Take care urself....
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Question: How can we recognize labour pains
Answer: Hi dear, 1-observe the frequency of your pain or contractions first. Labor pains will happen at regular intervals and get more intense at each interval. They may start as far apart as every 20 to 30 minutes. Call the doctor when contractions are five minutes or fewer apart. 2-they generally originate at abdomen just like period cramps but stronger.it also radiates to lower back 3-true labor pains won't go away,if you change position or do some physical activity unlike false labor.true labor pains would be continuous 4-duration of pain would increase as the time passes.it may extend 30-90 seconds each pain 5-cervix beginning to dialates,if you observe any blood stained mucous coming out with pain 6-watch clear odourless water like discharge called amniotic fluid coming out too
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