20 months old baby

Question: How to protect my baby for mosquito

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Answer: 1. One of the most effective ways of protecting your baby is to minimise the area of exposed skin. Choose lightweight knits and cotton garments that allow the passage of air while covering your child's body.  2. Burn neem leaves inside the house and spread its smoke all over the house before sleeping. This age old remedy is best among at home remedies for mosquito bites and does wonders to keep mosquitoes at bay. Take precautions to keep you baby away from inhaling smoke while you are burning and spreading the smoke. 3. If you want to keep your room cool while keeping the mosquitos at bay, try using a desk fan or stand fan. Fans keep the air moving and play an important role in keeping mosquitos away from your little ones. 4. Skip the scents. Many bugs love the smell of perfumes, hairsprays, and scented soaps. Use fragrance-free products on your baby (and yourself when you're with your baby) so you're less attractive to insects.
Answer: You can use goodnight mosquitoes repellent patches... It's very useful.. I am using the same for my son... I patch for whole day... 14 patches pack are available.... Try with that... It will really help you... Put the patch on your baby dress.... It's natural and made for babies only... When baby will grow then you can use liquid one of goodknight mosquitoes repplent.four drop in for places of baby clothes... That is two shoulder and two knee but put in dress not in skin....you can Use this liquid also as baby is above 1 year...very effective as I myself using it...
Answer: You can try mamaearth mosquito repellent, Absolutely Safe & Natural way to keep away Mosquitoes & Other Insects, Indoors or Outdoors. Mama Earth Insect Repellent is powered with natural & organic ingredients; it carries a Unique Blend of Essential Oils & Herbal Extracts to keep Insects at Bay. It contains No Harmful Chemicals & can be used on Skin without any fear!
Answer: Ap mamaearth ka mosqito repellent use kar skte ho. Baby ko fully covered clothes pehnao. Baby ko indoors rakhiye. Aur agar bites hoti hain to mamaearth ka hi after bite roll on use kar skte hain. I use it on my dd. And the marks just disappear.
Answer: Hi dear, I was facing the same problem when I take my child to dance classes. Then one of my friend suggested mamaearth mosquito repellent spray which is very effective and safe to use on kids... Worth buying.
Answer: I m using mamaearth mosquitoes repellent for my daughter no side effects safe to use and and safe way to keep away mosquitoes and other insect. Completely free of harmful chemicals. Try once.
Answer: Hi dear, Use mosquito repellant spray around baby's bed and on his clothes. Use aringel mosquito repellant spray it's safe for baby.
Answer: Use mamaearth mosquitos repellent its a deet free organic product toxin free and its one application works for 3-4 house
Answer: use Mamaeath mosquito repellent. it's not only effective and toxin free and organic one alao
Answer: u can try Mamaearth mosquito repellent cream..no chemical ..so feel free to try it
Answer: Suggest some mosquito repellent?
Answer: Hii
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