10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to prevent from high BP in pregnancy....Last time I lost my baby because of PIH

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Answer: cut down your salt from diet avoid bakery products which contains more of salt. And walk daily for 20 minutes it will help to maintain the bp levels.
Answer: You have to be very careful this time, monitor bp regularly, avoid salt, take medication without fail.
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    Anita Chavan481 days ago

    Yes Dr.prescribe me lonopin 40 mg inj and ecosprin 75.daily...I m very much worried about that BP...abhi to bp normal hai.

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Question: how to control bp with home remedy because I have high bp in pregnancy
Answer:  It is high but its not that much high that cannot be controlled.  (1) Don't take tension... You must have some tension about which you are thinking most of the time and destroying your health so first off all stop taking tension because this will not be the reason to sought out any problem. (2) Perform meditation every day it will help in keeping you cool. And will them help keeping your blood pressure normal. (3) Exercise regularly as it will definitely help in keeping the bloos pressure under control. (4) As far as possible keep yourself away from hypertension medicines because if once you get used to it then definitely you will get addicted to it which in turn will affect your health. (5) For diet take 3 bananas every day it will help you in reducing bp. And take a glass of lemon juice every day. And don't eat spicy meal and lessen your salt intake in the meal. Hope it will help you and All the best for your healthy life.
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Question: How to control pih(high BP) is it life threatening?
Answer: No it's not life threatening if you will able to control I Too Had high BP when I was pregnant but taking less sodium will help you in decreasing your blood pressure level also don't take stress divert your mind towards thing that you like to do also if you have any problem please talk to your husband regarding this and get a solution of it listening to good music, Be occupied in your work and reading good books will help you in getting out of high blood pressure
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Question: High bp in pregnancy last time
Answer: Am the example..it happens during last week's for some
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