6 months old baby

Question: How to prevent babies from mosquitoes...

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Answer: Hi! Try using mosquito bat to kill them. It will be controlled over a week. Use the bat regularly every few hours. Especially before bedtime. And use net to protect the baby. please put mesh for the windows... it cuts down on the mosquito menace. Use mosquito nets . Avoid using repellents for the baby, it may cause breathing issues. Avoid opening the door in the early evenings. Coconut oil plus camphor is also very helpful. Hope this helps!
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    mansi gupta1045 days ago

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Answer: Hi dear ..1. burp your baby after every feed and also between feeds- baby head on your shoulder and tak her back. 2. Massage her tummy lightly in clockwise n anticlockwise circles. If still you observe issue, 3. try applying asefoetida (hing) paste around her navel region- wipe it off once it dries.
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Question: How can i prevent my baby from mosquitoes bite
Answer: Hello U can use odomos gel or band that are very effective. U can also keep a tulsi plant out side the window this helps with less mosquitoes. U can also use neem oil this is very effective.get a mosquitoes net it's very effective. Get ur baby to wear full clothes so the area exposed to the mosquitoes is less.
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Question: how to protect babies from mosquitoes??
Answer: Hi.. Dear since your baby is more than two months old, you can use a good mosquito repellent in the room. Also, depend your house. Make sure your windows and doors have screens to keep bugs from flying or crawling inside.Cover with clothes. Dress your baby so bugs don't have any access to skin.
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