35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to overcome labor fear🙄Plz do help

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Answer: Plz calm down there's nothing to fear. It will be just like the periods pain only that it will increase at regular intervals. The most pain you will feel when you are pushing out the baby. But it's bearable pain.
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Question: How to get overcome from the fear of injection
Answer: Just think about your baby.... U will be brave to overcome any pains...
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Question: I have fear to get pregnant. How can i overcome from this fear
Answer: Hii dear this is completely physiological fear. U shouldn't as it is one of the most beautiful gift from guard. He will fill ur life with happiness. There is no such pain. Or complication in pregnancy which u couldn't bear. And it's worth bearing some problem when u r going to get little wonder. Dear I was against pregnancy but after my baby born I realise how important I m. He makes me worth my life everyday. I feels like dere is someone who cant live without me and baby gives me unconditional love. His world is only me. Dis is the wonderful feeling.
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Question: Afraid of Labour and labor pain..how to overcome
Answer: I can understand as i was also very scared. The best thing is to talk to experienced moms, read about it, watch videos try to prepare yourself so that you need ready rather than scared.
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Question: I am 5month pregnant..i am very scared about injection n surgery ...plz tell me how to overcome this fear...
Answer: Dear actually this fear will only go once you have been through all that. Actually I was very scared myself during my pregnancy and hence you won't believe how hard I tried to make normal delivery possible. But as they say you cannot predict the way baby wants to come out my daughter made sure its a cesarian by not moving head down and I had to enter the operation theatre. But trust me after that everything has been easier for me no injections threatens me anymore. So please first of all relax and think about ur baby for me that made it easier. Hope it helps.
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