8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to overcome from depression i tried everything like meditation,music etc but m not able to change..i want my baby to be healthy...i DON'T feel happy in any situation i don't want to wake up or go anywhere...how to keep my baby fine even if m depressed

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Answer: Please do not worry at all depression is because of your hormonal changes.. Do slight walking in the early morning. N evening to get the sunlight
Answer: Try to watch new born baby videos and feel yourself with your baby. Do early morning walk and prayer while doing walk
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Question: Hi my baby is 2month old.... m having less bm..i tried everything to increase bm but its not increasing m fed up...feeling depressed
Answer: Hello dear... During breastfeeding you should have a nutrious diet,which should capable to fullfill your baby's need. Tips for increasing breast milk are as follows,you can also have lactate granules it will give you better supply Feed your baby in regular intervals... So more your baby latch more you increase your milk Eat a nutrious diet , includes more veggies and fruits Drink atleast two glasses of milk daily You can also take dried fish,weekly twice,it helps in milk secretion Garlic milk helps in producing more milk, for this you have to boil garlic in milk, once it boiled and cooked ,you can drink it with palm sugar,have this before bedtime Fenugreek also increases breast supply,you can add it in soups,salads , you can also have fenugreek tea Cumin water is very essential in milk secretion, it also act as a barrier against respiratory issues A handful of dried fruits increase your milk supply, and releives from constipation, and it also makes your milk thick.
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Question: I m going under a lot of stress due to my marital problems. I m pregnant by 7 weaks. How to overcome from the stressful situations. I want to keep always happy my Little one.
Answer: Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the happiest times of a woman’s life, but for many women this is a time of confusion, fear, stress, and even depression. Depression during pregnancy, or antepartum depression, is a mood disorder just like clinical depression. Mood disorders are biological illnesses that involve changes in brain chemistry.During pregnancy, hormone changes can affect the chemicals in your brain, which are directly related to depression and anxiety.  These can be exacerbated by difficult life situations, which can result in depression during pregnancy.Depression that is not treated can have potential dangerous risks to the mother and baby. It can then cause premature birth, low birth weight, and developmental problems. A woman who is depressed often does not have the strength or desire to adequately care for herself or her developing baby. Babies born to mothers who are depressed may be less active, show less attention and be more agitated than babies born to moms who are not depressed. This is why getting the right help is important for both mom and baby. You can talk to your doctor about how you feel or a trusted family member. It will also help if yoy try meditatiom , motivational speeches , good nutrition , omega 3 acid and vitamin b12 supplementation and exercise to release endorphins.
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Question: hi....i am 27 weeks pregnant .. am going to depression even dnt want to talk n see my hubby all time i want to alon n i have twins pregnancy ... how i can handle this situation????
Answer: Mood swings are common in pregnancy. Try to do what makes you happy and think of the joy u will be having holding your babies. Try finding names for them or searching stuffs for them. Try to engage in matters you love and control your emotion. This phase is very common in pregnancy if you dont control it it can lead to premature delivery
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