35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to now my baby is white or black

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Answer: Hi dear, dont think that way first of all, colour is outward thing, your baby should be healthy, that should be your concern, be it any complexion, but your baby will be your life, lots of love, take care
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Question: My baby is not crawling till now, Is it ok or have to consult the doctor??
Answer: Hi dear, most of the babies usually begin to crawl between 8-11 months old.better to give your baby adequate tummy time, reduce the amount of of the time in walkers, give your baby a little extra motivation, get on the floor and crawl with your baby things can do to help your baby learn to crawl.take care of your baby
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Question: How to do baby white
Answer: Dear you Should take care of baby immunity . You just need to take card of baby current color . There is not any such product which change colour tone . You can massge with milk and bread .
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Question: Due to crawling my baby knees have become black...how csn I change color....any remedy or oil?
Answer: Use coconut oil for massage and knee pad it helps alot
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