6 months old baby

Question: How to make yummy food ?? Baby is not eating properly.....

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Answer: Hi your baby is only 6 months old and it is very normal for your child to not like the solid food that you are offering to your baby however you have not mention what kind of food that you are offering but please note if your baby is having two to three spoons happily unwillingly please keep at it there is no need to force feed of distract feed the baby and then anyway milk remains the main source of nutrition for the baby till one year of baby's age .. Hope this helps!
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    Smita Diptesh892 days ago

    I have made powder of rice and moong dal so after cooking dal rice after griding adding some.vegitables like palak loki aaloo carrot bit ghee.. Pinch of haldi salt cummen seeds powder n hing...

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Question: My baby is not eating food properly.
Answer: Try to feed your child in a play way method. Offer variety of food in attractive manner. Use different vegetables to make his food colourful as green from spinach , orange from carrot and red from beet root. You can easily puree them and use in different dishes. Apart from these give home made besan laddu and banana shake regularly.
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Answer: Biscuits are not healthy food for kids... Plz stop giving it
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