Few days old baby

Question: How to make the baby forget breastfeeding.i don't have milk.my baby want it while sleeping even in day time. .he sleep only after breastfeeding.if not he is crying bitterly.. he is 7 months old.i started solids.he is neglecting formula milk.i m managing alone mom.

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Answer: Method to fadeout ( wean) Breastfeed bedtime). 1.Most women fall into a nursing schedule, anticipate the times when their child usually nurses, and offer a bottle, sippy cup, or snack instead. This way, if the child still wants to nurse afterwards, she won’t be as hungry, won’t nurse as much, and milk production will still decrease. 2.Begin nursing before, rather than after, your bedtime ritual. Initiate self-comforting routines so that your child can learn how to fall asleep without the help of the breast. Sing songs or read stories to your baby right before tucking your little one in. 3.Cut back on the number of daily feedings, starting with those your child shows the least interest in. Slowly cut down to just that one feeding per day (most women find the nighttime feeding works best).Finally, drop that last end-of-the-day nursing session. You may need to offer a gentle distraction at this stage—such as a new “lovey” (bear, blanket, or book), special bedtime book, or nightlight—to help this final transition go more smoothly and comfortably for your child.