Few days old baby

Question: how to make ragi for 5 mon h baby boy?

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Answer: First rinse well n make it dry,put it into a tight container.. then wen u making ragi porridge,the day b4 night put it in a bowl and soak inside the water till the next day morn...then grind well and filter the ragi water ,mix lil amt of sugar if u want u can mix cow's milk abt lil quantity ,boil well n give to ur babe...they luv it !😍
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Question: How to make Ragi for baby
Answer: Hello.. Ragi is rich in calcium,iron and many nuutrients.. ragi porridge ,is well known food for babies,it is healthy too. Ragi flour and porridge recipe Soak ragi in water for 10 hours Once the ragi has well soaked,drain the water throughly Make a potluck with that ragi,and leave it for 10 hours to get sprouted Once they get sprouted,sundry them for a day After sundrying, dryroast the ragi, nicely Level it to oil,make it to fine powder in a blender After blending,seive the flour and transform into an air tight container Method of preparation Take two spoon of this powder with warm water,stir it till it come to porridge consitency, without any lumps ,add palmsugar , serve
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