8 months old baby

Question: How to make oats banana

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Answer: Hii u can use formula milk to prepare for making any milk based food till the baby age of one year. U can warm water and add powdered oats in it. Let it cook well and then once it cooked , u can mix formula milk and mashed banana at last. After it is cool u can serve it for baby.
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Question: How to make banana oats porridge
Answer: Dear below is the recipe for Banana Oats porridge for your baby:- INGREDIENTS Quick cooking oats - 2 tbsp Banana small variety - 2 Water - ½ cup Cows milk if baby is 1 yr old else use formula milk or breastmilk - 1 cup ( don't add for babies under one year ) Preparation Sterilize the bowls and spoons used for feeding your baby in a vessel with hot water for five minutes and keep it immersed in the same vessel until use. Boil cows milk in a sauce pan and keep it ready. Method Take 2 tbsp of oats in a sauce pan and add ½ cup of water to it. Cook it in  medium flame for 3 minutes or until the oats gets cooked. Stir it continuously while cooking otherwise the oats may stick to the vessel. Once the oats gets cooked well, add a cup of milk to the cooked oats and boil it for 4 minutes by stirring occasionally or until it becomes thick. Remove from the flame once done and cool it down (Skip adding milk if you are preparing the porridge for babies under one year). In the meantime, chop the bananas into circle and add it to the blender. Once the porridge is warm, add it to the blender with chopped bananas. Blend it to a smooth paste. Skip this step if your baby likes mashed texture instead of smooth ones and you can simply mash the bananas and mix with cooked oats.
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Question: how to make oats
Answer: grind the oats and store it in air tight container. Ingredients: 20gm finely powdered oats Almonds - 2(soaked/ dry) Peanuts -1 or 2 pieces Walnut -1 Cashewnut - 1 or 2 Preparation : Heat a non stick pan and add some ghee in it. Roast all the nuts together. Once roasted or turns golden brown in color add powdered oats n add water. Once water is start boiling switch off the flame. Grind the content in a mixer and serve hot. You can add jaggery(optional). Tip: Nuts add extra taste to oats and will be helpful for those babies who doesn't like taste of plain oats. Nuts helps in brain development and growth.
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Question: How to make oats and banana
Answer: Hi dear ur question is already replied. Plz check in ur a&q segment.
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