3 years old baby

Question: How to make my baby stronger?he always keeps falling ill.

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Answer: If your baby keeps falling ill.It is important to know the reasons:It could be immune deficiency/genetic disorder /improper diet and nutrition - about immunity if your baby's immunity is low or has an autoimmune disease then this can be the reason that your baby is falling in continuously so you will have to get regular check up done for your baby's blood serum level of antibodies specially disease arising from Thyroid suggest Grave disease which is common in children and pregnant ladies -second thing about genetic disorder sometimes genetically if there is an anomaly in chromosomes it directly affects bodies function and response towards normal antigens. - third is proper diet to manually increase immunity you can take Ginger ,Tulsi, mint ,honey these are very effective turmeric is also considered one of the best anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It can be given to babies less than one point five year old also you can also ask you pediatrician to help you with immunity boosting Vitamin C syrup in combination with multivitamin such as zincovit or directly giving limcee tablets which are chewable Vitamin C form give lemon juice once a day also helps to boost immunity.
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    She is strong n all vitamins syp i used

Answer: Include proteins, carbs, pulses, cereals and nuts in Yr baby diet. And also Friuts are must for Yr baby so they will not get infections. Probiotic foods like yogurt which are friendly bacteria that can improve health.milk is also must for every baby from 1 year daily serving 2 cups.
Answer: My baby is now 3yrs old but he doesn't speak. He just interact with us in gesture poster manner. I have already consulted with paediatric everything is fine but even also he not showing interest to speak
Answer: My grand daughter has np appetite she had fungus infrction in her anus shes still on diaper shes 3 kgs low in weight but a brint girl talks well intelligent she has dogs and sge doesnot wash her hands
Answer: Hie Add more of colourful fruits and vegetables to your babys diet This would help build immunity Offer turmeric milk before bed time Add more of dry fruits to your bante daily diet
Answer: Give proper fresh home made to baby including green veggies, dry fruits, sweet potato, ghee,dal,and seasonal fruits..And milk Also give warm water with honey in morning
Answer: Hi my baby was 2 years and 3 month only..when i put on the play school...i totally confuced...plz help me...
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    I hv a Same question

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    It is better to take your baby to play school for morning time now. If your baby is doing normal activities and playing, then you don't worry to bring him to a good play school. It will help your baby to learn more.

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    It is also helpful for baby's mental and behavoural growth

Answer: Give egg n ragi items ...supplements with milk LL help im get stronger, feed him for every 3-4 hours..
Answer: Ki ki khAbar khaoyale baby sasthoban hobe plz docter ans meee
Answer: Can i give turmeric milk to my 1.3 year baby..and how?????
Answer: Mam good morning mamhe always keeps falling ill
Answer: She stronger bt some time is getting fever
Answer: V hv 2 feed vegetables n frutis everyday
Answer: Good suggestion.. Thanks
Answer: Increase immunity
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Question: My baby always get ill... What should I give her to make her healthy
Answer: Please follow the below instructions to strengthen her immunity and keep her healthy Early Morning 1/2 to 1 cup milk Breakfast Oats Apple porridge Suji porridge Plain dosa Sweet potato kheer Suji Upma Moong dal cheela Idli with chutney Mid-Morning Banana slices Water melon scoops Veggies sticks Cheeku pieces Sweet potato fries Cucumber sticks Strawberry quarters Lunch Sweet potato parantha Beetroot parantha Paneer bhurji sandwich Rice, dal and green beans sabji Red rice pulao with curd Chicken soupwith noodles Rice with fish Afternoon Fruit Yogurt Banana smoothie Papaya milkshake Orange wedges Cornflakes with milk Cheeku smoothie strawberry milkshake Dinner Masoor dal khichdi Moong dal cheela Star parathaswith aloo curry Dal parantha Paneer parantha Dosa with aloo masala Spinach Khichdi with curd
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Question: Hlo dr. How can I make the baby bone stronger
Answer: Dear calcium and massaging plays an extremely good role in making bones stronger. 3 ways to make the bones stronger:- 1.) Give Kids High-Calcium Foods. Calcium is a mineral that's known for building healthy bones. 2.) Give Kids a Vitamin D Supplement. Vitamin D (sometimes labeled vitamin D3) helps the body absorb calcium. 3.) Encourage Kids to Exercise. Our muscles get stronger the more we use them. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 3 years old. She always falling ill. And observed white hair too
Answer: Hi dear u need to work on the immunity of ur baby. Do give curd seasonal fruits vegetables , citrus fruits , milk and turmeric , add garlic in regular diet to improve baby immunity. Also make sure to give egg chicken fish if baby is non veg. Give dry fruits . In winters prefer giving soup in the evening . For white hair if it's few then don't worry otherwise get ur baby thyroid checked.
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