4 months old baby

Question: how to make my baby skin fair? when d original skin will cm

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Answer: Hi dear, Baby's complexion is decided by genes.there is no way you can alter it.but you can make it look bright and healthy. Always use mild baby products.Any mild skin products can be used for baby's sensitive skin.i used Atogla body lotion and cream for my baby.it is very gentle and donot contain any chemical.Tedibar soap is also very good.spoo shampoo for hair and scalp.to make baby skin supple and healthy ,keep massaging with oil.everyday massage before bath would make skin healthy and glow.you need to eat healthy so your baby gets nutritious food through your milk.later once the baby starts solid food,you can continue to give variety of good food.
Answer: Hello By 3 months u 'll know the real skin complexion of ur baby. To improve skintone or get a glowing baby skin u can give ur baby a good hot oil massage. Make a mild home made pack of water or milk turmeric powder and sandalwood powder. Use optimal temperature for bathing the baby.dont use soap use basan powder instead. Apply fruit puree on the baby before bath. Use a mild moisturiser. Keep ur baby well hydrated give the baby plenty fluids opt for a mild sun bath vitamin d is good for ur baby s skin. Hope I helped
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Question: how to make my baby skin fair.. when d actual color will come...
Answer: U can use masoor dal (red lentil) powder for ur baby before bath for fair skin... Generally after 6 month actual color of baby appear.
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Question: how to make baby skin fair.. when d actual skin color will come.. how to recognise d color according to birth
Answer: Why u r so obsessed with skin color...?? First of all skin color can be any shade between mom n dad (color in family)which is already decided during genetic combination form in first month. Secondly if being a mother u will become racist how would u boost ur child's confidence? Please don't be like this.. Skin color doesn't matter being healthy n strong baby that is matters Baby color will change till age 1 as skin gets matured and u will come to knw exact color.
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Question: how to could get my baby skin fair...when d babies actual color will come
Answer: Hi dear baby color deoends in parents genes. U cannt change baby color by any means. After 6 months of age u will be able to know the actual color of urs.
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