6 months old baby

Question: How to make baby to feed in bottle my baby is not drinking what can i do

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Answer: You can give while baby is in sleep and give him a comfort position
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Question: My baby not feed in bottle . What can i do
Answer: Tricks to get baby to drink with bottle : 1. Make a bottle that feels and tastes like mom 2. Move away from mom will not remind the baby of breastfeeding 3. Add sweetener to bottle 4. Be patient 5. Skip to cup if bottle don't work 6. Ask for expert advice if nothing helps u
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Question: My son is not drinking bottle. What can I do???
Answer: Add some palm sugar, which is healthy and tasty to ur baby
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Question: My baby is not taking bottle feeding.. How do I make her drink in bottle?
Answer: Hi dear, I can completely relate with your situation as my baby also was not at all ready to take bottle and use to do all tantrums . With my experience I can give some tips. Hope it will help. Offer smaller amounts more frequently With your baby more mobile and curious about his environment, drinking may not be his priority. Rather than sitting him down for a long period of time to finish a bottle, try offering smaller amounts more frequently. Offer the bottle in a boring room With so much to see and do, no wonder babies would rather explore than drink their bottles. Take away the temptation and instead offer the bottle in a boring room. Offer the bottle in a new environment If the boring room doesn’t work, do the opposite and feed your baby in a new room. The novelty of feeding in this unfamiliar place or way may capture his attention so much that he continues to drink the bottle without a fuss.
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Question: My baby is not drinking hindmilk. What can i do to make her drink.
Answer: Hi. Bbay doeant like it or gets full.before it? If baby gets full with drinking fore milk then you can squeez some fore milk out.
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