1 months old baby

Question: How to loose tummy after delivery, now im 2nd month.

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Answer: Hllo dear Increasing tummy after delvry s a common problen for all womens ..if u r bf mom u should not avoid food...but should take healthy food ...because u need extra calories at that time ...i m sharing u remedies from which ur weight ll be loose nd ur baby ll get healthy nutritient from bf. .try this Go 4 walk daily as 15 to 30 min.twice a day.. Avoid oily spicy food...Take lemon +honey +warm water in morning before tea...Join yoga as alom vilom, suryanamashar, tree pose cat pose, triangle pose .try it Take watermelon.muskmelon.its 90%water nd low. calorries.. Take plenty of water juices coconut water. buttermilk.Take oranges...lemon .sweet lime it helps in weight loss.. Take fenugreek seed after every food.. take 1apple every day in mor its helps in burn fat.take bottle guard juice its also helps in loose weight.
Answer: Wear maternity belt continuously. After three months you can start exercises
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Question: How to loose tummy after c section delivery?
Answer: Hello dear...Weight gain in pregnancy is usually a normal process... Give your body some time to heal , but actually post natal care is essential to achieve pre pregnancy weight Exclusive Breast feeding Breastfeed your baby as long as you can,it is secret trick to shed those extra calories but take nutrients rich diet. Diet should contain lot of vegetables and less corbohydrates, healthy fat Tummy Belt Start wearing tummy belt,it will helps to lose tummy fat and also reduces its size,it is better to consult doctor before wearing tummy belt Exercise If you have vaginal delivery, you can go for mild walk, then start with light exercise to strengthen the core muscles in lower part of your body. In case of cesarean section, please wait until six months to begin, and important to consult doctors advice before beginning physical activity. Water in weight loss When it comes to weight loss, water plays an important role,it helps in flushing out all toxin from body. Another secret tips is to have water before food ,helps a lot, you can take food after twenty minutes . Drink lukewarm water every time ,this is an effective weight loss tips Lemon water Begin your day with lemon in lukewarm water, for sweetness you can add honey.it aids in weight loss Fruits and vegetables Intake of more fruits and vegetables,will helps you in weight loss,first eat one serving of fruits and vegetables,then eat normal diet da. Healthy snacks option Avoid oil foods,packed foods,maida. Eat healthy snacks like nuts,dates.you can also have makhana,it is high in protein and less calorie too Early dinner Eat dinner three hours before bed time will give faster results, make dinner very light,you can take veg soup,salad , and if it is not possible you can control in portion by one roti with lot of vegetables . Japanese weight loss method Try japanese method for weight loss with towel in you tube Da, it is more effective, you can see results within a month Detox water Take six glass of water in a jar,add lemon, ginger, pudina leaves, gooseberry,let it soak overnight, filter the water next day and drink it's very effective,Try these tips for safe and effective weight loss da Thank you
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Question: How to loose tummy after 4th month of delivery is it possible to reduce tummy now as my family saying tummy won't be reduced now pls suggest
Answer: Eventually you will get back to shape. Try wearing abdominal belt. And do some excercise for flat tummy. It might take time but you will go back to normal again. Don't gain weight by eating sugar and sweets. Have healthy diet.
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Question: how to loose tummy after delivery big problem
Answer: hello dear after delivery agar aapki delivery normal ho toh aap belt laga lena bahut benefit hoga aapka tummy kuch hi months mein normal ho jayega
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